The Island

Aboriginal Cultural Experiences


The Gutjangan Aboriginal Community located on Bremer Island has a close family relationship with Trevor & Helen since the beginning of Banubanu in 2003. It has always been the vision of the senior custodian of Bremer Island Laklak Marika for Banubanu to create employment for her grandchildren and great grandchildren living on Bremer Island.  Today, that vision has now becoming a reality.

The tourism economy at Banubanu benefits community members in the form of

  • Tour Guides
  • Arts & Crafts Sales
  • Teaching Traditional Weaving
  • Housekeeping
  • Gardening

Learn about the customs and traditions of the local Yolngu community. The men will show you how to make fishing spears and take you hunting for fish and mud crabs the traditional way. The women will teach you how to weave a traditional basket and explain the meaning behind the traditional paintings on shells and other artefacts.


Photos courtesy Top of Down Under Productions